Young Nudist

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Very young nudists are usually too young to know if they really want to be nudists or not. That is one reason that there’s a lot to be said for maturity. The decision to be a nudist should really not be made lightly, and certainly not before the age of 18. It is an option that only adults should have once they are old enough to know how they really feel about it. After all, being a nudist means that you will be running around as naked as the day you were born in front of other people. You should really think about what that means and very young nudists do not have the maturity to make that decision.

If you run in the company of other nudists you may have seen entire families who are nudists. This would include the husband, wife, and children. While it may be perfectly fine to live this way in a setting of other nudists who don’t think anything of other people being naked, it is definitely inadvisable to do this in an environment where there could be dangerous people who are intent on harming these very young nudists in some way.

We all know what lives and walks in our world today and it’s just better to do what we can to protect the very young members of our society. If we are not careful, terrible things can happen. Yes, nudity is beautiful for the most part. Although, most people would rather be gazing on attractive bodies instead of old wrinkled ones, nudists don’t feel that way. They hold the attitude that everyone should be allowed to roam around in a natural state.

This does include very young nudists but there is that pesky issue of safety and protecting them from people who are not true naturalists. There are people who will pretend to be sincere nudists just to get close to the very young. This is what you must watch out for because it is people such as this that just ruins things for everyone. No one can feel as safe as they should be allowed to if there are infiltrators into their community who are not genuine.

An open mind is great and so is a natural way of living. Just be sure to keep your wits about you and never forget that it is typically the very young in our society who needs your protection.

I had just moved into this new house and found out that one of my neighbors happens to be a young nudist. I also found out, thankfully, that this neighbor is not a guy but one of the sexiest women I have seen in a very long time. You would have to go to some of those porn sites online to find a woman that is this sexy.

In fact, she is so hot I was thinking of becoming a nudist, too, but I realized that when I saw this young woman walking around it would be obvious what my thoughts were as I would be pointing at her without having to raise a hand! She would then realize that I was only being a nudist so that I could see her naked, and that would probably get me kicked right in the nut sack and nobody wants that, especially me and my nut sack.

So, I have decided to watch this young nudist from a distance through my window and just hope that someday she decides to knock on my door because she needs an egg or cup of milk or something like that. Maybe she will need a big stiff cock to make her nightmares go away and she will come to me late at night? Well, I can still dream about it, can’t I?

Having a young nudist living next to you makes it rather difficult to have your friends over. Once they find out you have naked women walking around next door they don’t ever want to go home and the female friends never seem to want to come over at all anymore. Even if you are offering them free food with the show. Yeah, they didn’t laugh at that joke when I told it to them, either. I think it must be a female thing, although I do have a lesbian friend who has decided I need a roommate, now, since she has seen that young nudist. Not much fun for me, though, as she doesn’t want my cock, either. I think she could at least be bi so that I could get a little play after we both got turned on by watching the nudist walking around or lying out in the sun. It’s only fair, I would think, but like she says, I should stop thinking and take a cold shower from time to time.


I have often wondered what it takes for those young nudist girls to actually want to walk around all day without any clothes on. Is it some strange dissatisfaction with the choices in clothing or is it more of a natural spirit type of thing that they are seeking? Maybe it’s a combination of both, somehow, like the choices they have just don’t fit with the natural spirit inside them.

Whatever it is that makes them take their clothes off, I have to say I enjoy it very much. I think that there should be more young nudist girls coming out of the proverbial closet and taking their clothes off, too. Maybe if we could get more and more of them to go nude, then we could break the social concept of concealing ourselves under layers of cloth and materials. Of course, all those clothing stores and fashion designers would probably not like that very much. However, you would get to see plenty of young nudist girls walking around with erect nipples. So, it all works out for the best for everyone, in my humble opinion.

Maybe we could break all social aspects and realize that nudity is just another side of the coin to the mystery that is life. After all, you are born into this world naked, so why not enjoy it when you get older? I bet there are plenty of porn stars out there who wouldn’t mind that thought at all. Also, if you have a bunch of young nudist girls running around, there would be a lot more guys trying to impress them by working out more. Maybe it could cure this obesity thing that everyone is so concerned about. After all, if you are always naked people will always be looking at you and you will want to look your best all the time, right? It’s something to think about, anyway.

See how many things could be solved if all the young nudist girls would just come out and take their clothes off. I think people should stand up and start a clothing revolution and shout from the roof tops that we aren’t going to take social dogma about our bodies anymore! That’s right, everyone join hands and walk the streets declaring nudity as a right to live in peace with everyone around you! Take a stand for letting your nipples be seen and make all the guys around you happy!


Whenever you think of a nudist colony you always imagine all these older people running around with their sagging bodies and wrinkles. Doesn’t it kind of make you cringe just a bit? I would much prefer to see young teen nudists running around with their perky tits and tight bodies. That would make it so much better to imagine and you wouldn’t get that shivering cringe that runs down your spine whenever you hear the word nudist.

I actually had a friend who went to visit a nudist colony once. He said that it was full of old people walking around and it was the most disturbing thing he had ever seen. He felt that it was like going to a clothing optional nursing home. According to him, some of them had sunburns in places you wouldn’t even want to imagine. There were a couple young teen nudists there, but he said they were a bit on the fat side and weren’t anything you would want to look at in real life. However, they WERE better looking than the rest of the old people who were frolicking about.

I don’t think it would matter all that much to me because I just like looking at naked women. Even if they were a bit older, it wouldn’t bother me that much. However, I WOULD prefer the young teen nudists and would probably try to find a place where they would be hanging out, instead. I think that I would let the older people have their fun and I would have mine by watching the younger ladies walking around. Of course, they would probably make me take all my clothes off, too. Then I would be too self conscious to notice any of the really hot young teen nudists walking around. I would be thinking that they were all staring at me and laughing in their minds at what I would look like naked.

My friend said they wanted him to strip down but he wasn’t comfortable with any of that. Instead, he took his shirt off and wore a pair of shorts. They were happy with that, which is a good thing. He’s not unsightly or anything, but he does have a rather unusually large penis and he was afraid that he might scare some people with it. He didn’t want to cause a heart attack or two if they actually got a good look at it. Yeah, he’s quite a guy not wanting to “show off” his big cock. Right.

nudist_fun_young_9466Nothing drives me wild like looking at young nudist pics online. Well, maybe if I was taking the pics, that would be much better but since I don’t know any young nudists to take pics of, I guess I will have to settle for the viewing aspect through the magic of the internet. It’s not quite the same, but it will do in a pinch.

Some of the sites I visit on a regular basis aren’t all that great about keeping their stuff up to date. In fact, there is one site that I go to that takes about four months before they even attempt to update their young nudist pics. That’s a bit ridiculous, if you ask me. If you are going to have a site dedicated to things such as this you should really make an attempt to have all the pics and info updated on a, preferably, daily basis. If you can’t manage that, then at least once a week so that you can keep your clientele coming back.

Now, the other sites I go to always have a huge selection of really good young nudist pics, and they get updated almost on an hourly basis. That is what I like in a service such as this. It’s good to see that even though there are some people that don’t seem to want to keep traffic coming back to their site, that there are others out there that strive to offer you the best in the young nudist pictures categories.

With all of that being said, I think it might be time for me to find a couple of different sites that I can visit from time to time, as I seem to be running across the same pics from multiple sites online. When that starts to happen you figure they are all getting their pics from the same person or linking them from the same site. That makes it boring to continue to see the same young nudist pics all the time no matter what site you are visiting.

I even thought about taking some time out of my busy schedule and making up my own site to offer pics but I would end up posting all the same pics that I see from all the other sites, too. That just doesn’t seem like it would be worth the hassle of putting the site together in the first place. I think it would have to be something new and improved, personally. So I will leave that to the experts and continue my search for newer pics.


There are so many sites online that have really good young nudists vids that it’s usually hard to even begin thinking about choosing the one that will be right for your viewing pleasure. I have found thousands of sites out there that have great vids. Some of them even offer you some things that you just can’t find at other sites.

The hard part is deciding what kind of these videos that you want to watch. There are all kinds to choose from. I find that I prefer the sports ones, personally. I like watching all those naked bodies bouncing around and having fun, especially out on a beach somewhere. Yes, I’d have to say those are my favorite young nudists vids. But again, that is just my own personal opinion. I am sure that there are some guys out there that would prefer watching them clean house or just lay out in the sun or something.

Maybe you are the type of guy who likes to watch them hiking or mountain climbing? Well, there are sites that will offer you that, too, if you look in the right places for them. I would think it would be highly uncomfortable to be wearing any type of harness while you are naked. And if you lost your footing the things that you could get rock rash on I don’t even want to consider.

Many sites that have young nudists vids are made by the nudists themselves and show what they do on a normal day of hanging out. No pun intended there. But there are those fetish vids that offer you a deep look into the life of being a nudist and what kinds of things they enjoy on a more sexual aspect. Those are good sites to check out, too, if you get the chance. I know I was surprised at some of the things I got to see while watching those.

Whatever it is you are looking for in young nudists vids, there are plenty of sites out there that will cater to your needs. That is the best thing about the internet. It doesn’t matter what turns you on, you aren’t alone. SOMEONE has put up a site for you to enjoy. It’s almost like the internet is a living thing that can anticipate your every want and desire while showing you that there are others who find the same things as entertaining as you do. What a marvelous time to be alive!


Nobody wants to see all that hair on a nudist’s body. That’s why I prefer those young smoothies nudist bodies that I see in all those hot videos and pictures I have. There is something about a nice smooth sweating body jumping around that really drives me wild. When it’s a young girl it’s the best thing I could ever think of.

Whenever I see a hot young smoothies nudist running around all I can seem to think about is what it would have been like in the fabled Garden of Eden with Eve running around all nice and totally naked. Every time she ran by me I would have to drop something and ask her to pick it up for me, I think. I would also beg her to shave all that hair off her body so she could be all nice and smooth for me. That would be very hot, at least in my humble opinion.

Well, maybe that whole Garden of Eden thing wouldn’t be quite as much fun as I think it. There would only be one naked chick running around. I would much prefer that there would be a lot more than one. I think all women should turn themselves into young smoothies nudist girls running around me and praising me as their master. Ok, maybe not like that but it would be so much more fun if they did. I think I could die a very happy man if that would ever happen to me. More than likely I WOULD die if it suddenly happened out of nowhere. If that actually happened, it would be the finest moment in my life. I don’t really think I would care all that much if I did die afterwards. It would be that one surreal moment in life where everything just seems to click together and nothing would ever stress me out again. Having all those wonderful young smoothies nudist girls running around me would be the utmost pinnacle of my life. Admittedly, I would RATHER live through it because I would want to hang around and enjoy it as long as the girls were willing.

But back here in reality land I just sit in my room and surf the internet making sure to save all the good pictures and videos that I might come across. Then I can fantasize about how life would be if it were to happen to me.


I joined this new site that I had found online that offers you a daily young nudists picture through your email. They also have it so they can send it to your cell phone but mine doesn’t accept pictures so I stuck with the email thing. I probably get bigger pictures in my email, anyway.

I thought that it might just end up being pictures of really ugly fat chicks but it turns out that they are pretty hot looking and I’m enjoying getting them every day. I was pleasantly surprised that they were so sexy and they just seem to get better and better every day. It’s like they know exactly what I want to see and that’s what they send to me. I can only imagine what it would be like to get them on my cell phone, although my girlfriend might be a bit pissed at me if she found out.

Just knowing that I am going to be getting a hot daily young nudists picture in my email every morning when I get up makes going to bed early worth so much more now. I used to sit up late at night thinking about all kinds of things but not anymore. Now that I am expecting these pictures I seem to be able to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow and I dream about the next picture I’m going to be getting. What more could a guy like me ask for in life? Well, maybe if those daily young nudists pictures would come to life and those hot ass girls would fuck me all day long until the next one showed up? Yeah, that would be better than just getting their pictures in my email.

I even went so far as to tell my best friend about the site I found that sends out these pictures and he flipped out about how hot some of these girls really are. They are those models you see on other sites that offer you photos daily of young nudists except these are more like all natural amatuer type pictures that they are sending out. They are HOT, too. You can trust me on that.

Now I have all of these hot pictures on my computer and its taking up all kinds of space. I’m either going to have to print them off and hide them or delete them and I don’t want to do that. So, I’m seeing a daily young nudists picture stash under my bed in my near future. Does that mean I’m psychic?


Just a few months ago, I was traveling across the country when I came to a place that had a young girls nudist colony. I was very interested in what this meant so I decided I would stop in and check it out for a bit. I was absolutely stunned at what I saw when I got there. Not only was it full of very hot young girls, but none of them had any clothes on. The best part is that they all wanted me to join them.

I was very eager to join in all the fun especially since I was the only guy there amongst all of those very hot young girls nudist that were running around. What else should I have done? I walked right in and started taking all my clothes off. Now, I wasn’t expecting anything like a huge orgy but that isn’t too far from what actually happened once I got naked.

These hot ass young girls nudist were all over me like they have never seen a naked man before. It was all I could do to make sure they all got a shot at what I had to offer them. And they all loved every second that I was there. At least I am hoping that they did now that I think back on it. I know I wasn’t getting any complaints while I was there and I have even gotten a few phone calls and emails from a couple of them since I left. So I guess you could say that not only was it the best couple of days of my life but it ranked pretty highly up there on the list of great days for a group of young girls nudist also.

I’m not trying to brag or anything about those couple of days but, I have never had that much sex in just a few days as I did when I stopped in to check out that odd sounding nudist colony while travelling around the country. I can still remember not being able to walk very well for about a week after that stay. Not that I am complaining, mind you, it was very enjoyable and nothing about it was bad, so don’t think that. It is definitely one of those trips I will never forget and only wish I had brought my camera with me that time.


There are many things in my life that I enjoy but the one thing that I put at the top of that list is watching nudist young pussy online. For some reason, just knowing that those girls never wear any clothes is one of the biggest turn ons I could ever imagine. It’s one thing knowing that a girl isn’t wearing any panties but it’s a whole other thing knowing that they never actually wear any clothes at all.

Just thinking about those girls doing all kinds of day to day activities with no clothes on makes me want to hide out in the bedroom for a few days. Nice hot nudist young pussy walking around the house, doing dishes, and all kinds of normal activities like that just makes my cock rock hard. It would be like heaven to be in there with them, without all that dying stuff involved.

So, I have this huge collection of pictures and videos that I have found surfing around the internet for the last couple of years that I always look at when I want to get me some of that nudist young pussy. That is when I found out there is a nudist colony just a few miles down the road from where I live. Now, that is something I was very pleased to find out. All I have to do is head on over there and peek over the fence to see all the nudist young bodies I could ever want to.

It works out very well when I get tired of sitting in my dark bedroom on the computer. At least now I can get a bit of air and some exercise from time to time, as long as I don’t get caught. I have found the perfect place to view all the action from. There is a pretty dense bit of forest on one side of their place for me to hide. I even found a good knot in the wooden fence that I can take out that gives me a great little hole to watch through. I get to stay hidden behind the fence and in the trees where no one would ever actually be able to see me watching all those hot nudist young bodies jumping around and playing in the yard. What more could a pervert like me ask for? It all works out when you want it to.