Young Nudist

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I was over at my cousin’s house about a month ago when he decided to show me his very young nudist gallery that he has been collecting pictures for over the years. I thought it was going to be nothing put a bunch of pictures that he has found online and printed out. However, I was shocked to find out that he had actually taken all of these pictures and had them framed like you would see in an art gallery. I must say that I was highly impressed with what he had done with them.

He had some of the most erotic very young nudist gallery pictures that I have ever seen and they were all done in very good taste. It wasn’t just snapshots either but real life poses that some of the world’s foremost photographers would have been jealous of. In my opinion, he should have had them shown as he could have made a lot of money off of them. He even had a set that were all done in black and white and those were probably the best of the whole bunch that he had.

Most people wouldn’t think that you could have very young nudist gallery pictures that would be in good taste. They would just consider it to be porn or something but once they got a good look at what my cousin had taken they would probably change their minds in a heartbeat. His eye for catching the physical beauty of any girl that he took a picture of was outstanding and the lighting showed off everything that he wanted you to see. It wasn’t like those porn shots where they want you to focus on just the pussy or tits. Instead, he brought out the beauty of the curve of the calf in his very young nudist gallery pictures. He showed you that there was more to a woman’s beauty than just the bits you want to see.

He has been able to make you see that every single aspect of the female body has its own beauty to it and that you should spend as much time as possible looking for that beauty anytime you see a woman walking by you or sitting across from you. His very young nudist gallery brought me into a new reality of what the female body can be seen as and how it should be worshipped at all costs.

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