Young Nudist

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You know, I have always wondered if nudists were confined to only warm places all the time or if there might be some out there that enjoy being in a bit cooler climate. That is when I came across a website about young Russian nudists and found that there are some out there that cold weather just doesn’t bother as much. I would find it rather painful to be naked in such cold weather as you would find in some areas of Russia but I guess those hot young Russian babes have no issues with it at all.

I did notice that all those young nudists had really hard nipples while they were outside. I thought that was something that was wonderful as I am a nipple guy myself. I also figured that if they did get too cold they could all huddle together to get warm again. Then THAT just moved my imagination on to other things that were even better.

At first, the young Russian nudists were just walking around in the cold. Then they started holding each other to stay warm, which naturally transformed into one of the biggest and hottest orgies I have ever imagined. Needless to say it involved all of those hot Russian girls and I was the only guy there. Of course, I wasn’t the one walking around outside naked because they would have thought I was just another girl with small tits due to the fact that the cold weather would have forced my cock to crawl up inside me to stay warm. Oh come on, any guy will tell you that after jumping into cold water while swimming that’s what happens!

But all those young Russian nudists would come inside where I was sitting and that’s where the orgy would be held. The thought of all that cold flesh rubbing up against my hot body inside would be the perfect aphrodisiac as far as I am concerned. No one would be leaving the house anytime soon that’s for sure. We would all be rolling around on the floor and the furniture having a wonderful time, while I worked my ass off to make sure all those young Russian nudists got warm again. When we were finished for the day, they could all go back out side and get nice and cold again so they could come back in and get me hot all over again.

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